The Sacrifice offered for Sin

We know that we don’t offer or burn goats, rams, birds or other things required in the law sacrificial system. We also know that Jesus paid it all, so lets take a look at the sacrifice offered for sin in that system. There were five Levitical offerings which are: burnt offering, meal offering, peace offering, sin offering and trespass offering. Looking further into the tresspass offering, Leviticus 5:6 says they could bring a lamb or a kid if not able to bring a lamb. Then verse 11 says they could bring two turtledoves or pigeons and if they couldn’t afford turtledoves or pigeons, offer tenth part of anephah of fine flour.

Rich or poor, the offerings were for all people. You may not be able to offer what your brother or sister offers, but no gift offered to God in faith is turned aside. Every willing offering is accepted by God who is able to remove all spots and blemishes, sickness, wickness, shame, fear, and condemnation. God won’t just cover your sins, but remove them!