Must Let Go

I heard Bishop Jakes preach on a subject that I know well: what un-forgiveness can do to the human soul.

Many saints are bitter and sour inside because something  or someone disappointed them, hurt them, lied to them or overlooked them. The blessings of God are trying to overtake us. The favor of our God wants to overflow in us. He wants to bless us. But, if we cant let go of our past hurts and disappointments, God cannot and will not bless us. Bitterness is like a beaver dam holding back the blessings of God.

Only false joy and peace will cover us. Yes, it feels like a cover. A thick blanket or wall that we can seem to penetrate. Beloved, God will help you let go. Let go of the hurt and the things that are holding you. When we decide to let go, you’ll find he’s there ready to heal our souls. Heal our hearts. With Him, all things are possible. Its not too bad to talk before God. He’s not wanting our fancy words – just a sincere heartfelt message.

Beloved, its the best thing you will ever do. Freedom is the reward of your obedience to let go.