Living by our faith

Habakkuk 2.4 The just shall live by his faith. God has given every man a measure of faith. I believe our faith is measured according to our ability to use it.

We all have faith, assurance, or trust in someone or something. But as Christians, we place our faith in our Lord and Saviour jesus Christ. In these trying times. it behooves us to trust him in every situation we face. We must remember that jesus warns us to trust and believe his word. We are not ignorant of the times and seasons we are living in, or ARE WE?

Beloved, jesus wants us to know how to put our trust in him during these crisis. Itís so important for us to fail not to assemble especially under a bible based church. Where two or three of us assemble in his name, he will be in the midst of us. Our faith in him is a Gem he gave us and we have heard that faith can move mountains. I see how Satan has changed the work week to Mon-Sun and Godís people are tired of trying to make ends meet. Assemble with the faithful for it really makes a difference. For the just shall live by FAITH.


Pastor Davis