Hold on…

2012 started off with much hope and a sigh of relief that we made it through 2011.

The year is passing so fast and some of our hopes and dreams have not been realized yet. What do we do?

To give up now will mean a setback. So we say to ourselves “I must hold on. I must believe he is faithful. He must find me faithful and trusting. I’m truly tired and weary. When will he come?”

In Malachi 3, he came suddenly. His word will not return void. He will accomplish what he said. (Isa. 55:11)

May I encourage you not to give up. Wait just a little longer. He knows how much you can bear. Did I hear you say I wonder…..

Beloved, His word is all we have to stand on. Either we are going to trust or bust. And remember there is life in the word. (John 6:63)

He hasn’t forgotten you. Be strong and hold on. This is your season. Be found faithful.

Keep your lamp burning bright. God answers prayer.

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